Many have asked, “How can we contribute to the work you are doing?” Thanks for asking! Here’s a breakdown of the ways you can give practically:


We need approximately $5,500 per month for “life” needs (a home, utilities, food, transport, insurance, etc.) and ministry needs (items related to the work we are doing) in Cape Town. It helps us budget when people commit to give to us on a regular basis, such as monthly.


One-time gifts are also a significant (and much appreciated) way to give. They help cover unexpected needs that arise as well as “keep the boat afloat” if any monthly donors must refrain for a month or two.


All Nations allows you to set up monthly automatic withdrawals or make credit card payments online. Go to to designate a gift to us, whether one-time or recurring. Input the amount you'd like to give and then click submit.

Alternatively you may mail a check to All Nations. Make it out to All Nations, and don’t put our names on the check (if you do, it won’t be tax-deductible). Include a note in the envelope that says, “Preferred for Brandon and Julianna Jones.” Then mail it all to All Nations Family, PO Box 55. Grandview, MO 64030.

If none of these methods work, please contact us directly and we would be happy to work out an alternative.


Prayer: We’ve talked primarily above about finances but prayer is just as important. It’s importance has been highlighted elsewhere on this site but we thought it worth reiterating. We couldn’t do what we do without your prayers. We are specifically looking for people to commit to pray for us and our ministry one day a week or month.

Encouragement: This life that Jesus has set before us isn’t always a walk in the park (but it is full of joy). Never underestimate the blessing that a simple word of encouragement is to us.


Transparency: We want to be transparent with what we are doing. Transparency is something we value for all of life and hope to live it amongst our community locally as well as before you — our community spread throughout the globe.

Support: The above verse from Acts is an encouragement to us to live generous lives. As such, if needs in our community arise, we will seek to meet them as Jesus leads. It also means sharing what we have with you practically. If you ever choose to come to Nairobi, rest assured that you will have a place to stay.

Prayer: We pray for those in our community, just as they are praying for us. It’s something we plan on doing always. Any request you give us we will lift before God, hearts joined with yours (even if we seem a lifetime away).