Do I have to have a paid membership to access your content?

Absolutely not! Paid membership is for those wanting to directly support this work we are doing.

Why do I have to subscribe to see some of the posts?

Because of the sensitivity of the work that we do, we want to make sure that those needing to see are able to, and those that aren't - can't! Because of this, you will need to use a real name to subscribe (or privately message us about other options).

If I choose a paid membership here, is that tax deductible?

Unfortunately it is not. It is a direct way to specifically support our work on this site and the content we create here. It's purely optional and up to you. Please click on "How to Give" in the footer for info about tax deductible gifts to support our ministry.

Is this secure?

Yes! Payments go thru Stripe, this site uses SSL encryption for transport, and your contact data is securely stored and not accessible to anyone but us.